Oh hello… open water

It’s not quite like the pool, warm and you have a line to follow to keep you on the straight and narrow as well as being able to push off the wall every 25 metres.

The good news is that I could still get myself into my wetsuit!

I sat on the pontoon and dipped my toe in… whooooah… it didn’t feel tropical and most certainly not 16degrees – maybe I thought it would feel warmer.

I was aiming for 2 laps – 1500mtrs.

I don’t like the restriction of a wetsuit but it certainly does keep you warmer.

There were some people in there without a wetsuit.Β  I needed to man up!

In I went.

Off I went.

My face – I thought it would fall off… got to the first buoy… still frozen… second buoy… feet are feeling a tad cold… and what’s happening to my hands…third buoy… okay, my head is spinning a little … fourth buoy … home straight for the first lap.. should I get out before I really freeze… no I will keep going.. surely I will warm up?

I never warmed up.

I finished the two laps.


I got out – struggled out of my wetsuit (I must practise that before race day as that’s vital time that could be lost!), into the shower and headed home.

As I type this, almost 3hrs later, my toes are still feeling cold.

So that’s my first open water swim done – the first is always the worst.Β  I will head back during the week and again next weekend and slowly acclimatise.Β  3 weeks and counting.

Fingers crossed the water temperature doesn’t drop!

Miss V (still thawing out!)




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