Changing my mindset for running

I used to love running – I have completed plenty of marathons, half marathons, 10kms, 5kms. We didn’t have strava, we didn’t really have smartphones – I would plot my run and go run it and see how long it would take me.  Nobody knew how far or fast I ran.   How many hillsContinue reading “Changing my mindset for running”

Just a little bit out of my comfort zone…

It’s okay to be out of your comfort zone just a little bit… right? Miss V loves her job, loves teaching Kettlebells, Personal Training, triathlon (not so much the running bit though) but being self-employed I can’t sit still, I need to keep developing.  Delivering what people want. I attended a weekend course mid OctoberContinue reading “Just a little bit out of my comfort zone…”

I didn’t cycle… should I feel guilty?

The weather forecast said today was going to be lovely – it turned out to be a beautiful warm autumnal day. I had planned to cycle this afternoon, my day was going to plan and there was time to get out and cycle. But I didn’t. I didn’t want to. Instead, I took Percy forContinue reading “I didn’t cycle… should I feel guilty?”

My trip down under….

I am back – back from representing Great Britain at the World Triathlon Championships. This is going to be a very frank and open blog about my race… so grab a cuppa and settle down. We landed in Brisbane after a long flight, there were other athletes on the flight, all wearing their kit –Continue reading “My trip down under….”

This is it…

This time tomorrow, I will be sat comfortably on the plane with my noise cancelling headphones (thanks Lillian) with my super comfy superior travel comfort pillow (thank you Lucy) and my chocolate 🙂 The training is done – there’s nothing more I can do, but to get my head in the zone, get to theContinue reading “This is it…”

1 week to go – time to see what I can do!

Reading Triathlon – a triathlon run by triathletes – just the best! It’s my local triathlon run by my Triathlon Club – Tri20- it’s not my club, but I am a member 🙂 .  It’s such a friendly club and they really know how to put on a great Triathlon! Today was the 35th ReadingContinue reading “1 week to go – time to see what I can do!”