I didn’t cycle… should I feel guilty?

The weather forecast said today was going to be lovely – it turned out to be a beautiful warm autumnal day.

I had planned to cycle this afternoon, my day was going to plan and there was time to get out and cycle.

But I didn’t.

I didn’t want to.

Instead, I took Percy for a lovely long walk and enjoyed the warm sunshine.

It’s not always about pushing yourself – or thinking you have to swim, bike or run.

The walk was good for my mind – it let me think about things, things I need to focus on.  I wasn’t focussed on my speed or my heartrate or thinking… ouch my legs!

I do have goals – I need to have goals but my goals are soft goals and business goals.  There are a few fitness related goals in there too but nothing that requires too much time or effort.  I will enjoy the winter months focussing on my swim – there’s always room for improvement there.  I will try to find my love for running (Ellie Barnes you will chuckle at this!).  I will focus on my business and the launch of my Stretch and Relax classes from November.

But first up, I need to paint the spare room – that’s tomorrow’s job!

Miss V



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