Just a little bit out of my comfort zone…

It’s okay to be out of your comfort zone just a little bit… right?

Miss V loves her job, loves teaching Kettlebells, Personal Training, triathlon (not so much the running bit though) but being self-employed I can’t sit still, I need to keep developing.  Delivering what people want.

I attended a weekend course mid October on Freestyle Fitness Yoga – it really wasn’t what I was expecting.  I do have high expectations, and this didn’t even come close.  I learned some stuff but just not enough to deliver a successful Stretch and Relax class that would be up to my standard.  So, I have had to use my knowledge, my ability, research and plenty of home study to deliver a great Stretch and Relax class.

Stretch and Relax – this really isn’t me.  Or should I rephrase that, it really wasn’t me.  I have too much energy to calm down

I don’t do slow.  I do cardio.  I like to workout.

It’s something I have always dismissed.  I do a little bit of stretching after exercising but just not enough.  I know it’s important.  But let’s admit, who really does enough stretching?

I have been practising Stretch and a little bit of relax at least 3-4 times a week over the last month.  I have noticed a massive difference.  My flexibility has improved greatly.   My standing strength in some of the postures is strong.  I have also noticed the range of motion in my hips has improved and my range of movement doing squats has improved.  I have actually seen the benefits of regular stretching and I actually quite enjoy it!

On Tuesday, a few of my Kettlebell class stayed behind as my guinea pigs so that I could practise my forthcoming Stretch and Relax class.  It’s so different to teaching Kettlebells.  I felt out of my comfort zone – I was nervous.  I delivered my class.  It was a fun class – that’s what I want it to be.  I don’t feel I need to be the best in everything I do.  We are all very different especially when it comes to range of movement.

So, on Tuesday 6 November my Stretch and Relax launches, 17 people already registered – no pressure Miss V. I have 3 days left to practise and deliver the best class I possibly can.

No luck needed.. .I am prepared!







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