I didn’t cycle… should I feel guilty?

The weather forecast said today was going to be lovely – it turned out to be a beautiful warm autumnal day. I had planned to cycle this afternoon, my day was going to plan and there was time to get out and cycle. But I didn’t. I didn’t want to. Instead, I took Percy forContinue reading “I didn’t cycle… should I feel guilty?”

Now that was something….

  We turned up, we raced… we went home – what a hard morning’s work… We had decided that we would try to qualify for GB in Standard Distance triathlon on Sunday 13 May in St Neots – Cambridgeshire. It had been raining heavily all afternoon and into the evening and even whilst I wasContinue reading “Now that was something….”

Looking after my body and mind…

It’s been 9 days since I completed Ironman Vichy and my body is craving goodness – something it really didn’t look for during training.  I would eat well and plentiful but wouldn’t say no to cake, pudding, biscuits with tea – I would say I was 80% good – 20% bad. However, since completing theContinue reading “Looking after my body and mind…”