Looking after my body and mind…


It’s been 9 days since I completed Ironman Vichy and my body is craving goodness – something it really didn’t look for during training.  I would eat well and plentiful but wouldn’t say no to cake, pudding, biscuits with tea – I would say I was 80% good – 20% bad.

However, since completing the Ironman, and taking a few weeks rest, I don’t crave anything sweet right now.  Previously, we would eat some kind of pudding after dinner – this has now been replaced by yoghurt.  I would reach quite happily into the fridge and steal a piece of chocolate.

If anything, my appetite has reduced considerably.   This could also be due to my state of mind.

I am not a big fan of vegetables but absolutely love fruit and have a craving for apples, plums and satsumas right now 😊.   Maybe, as I am not exercising, I am thinking twice about what I am eating and am conscious that my body needs good stuff to help it heal.

I am not moving as much as I was, although I am walking my dog 2x a day and am heading back to the pool tomorrow and will be starting gentle exercise.  I am looking forward to swimming again.

I still feel sad and I have good days and bad days – I am not hiding my emotions, I cry when I have to and I take quiet time to just think.  I am trying to keep myself busy, meeting friends, de-junking the wardrobes and getting organised for my business.   I am not sleeping great but I am sure that will settle down soon.

I am starting to look back on the day – and parts of it make me smile although most of it is still a blur.

Your sad Ironman x

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2 thoughts on “Looking after my body and mind…

  1. I’m really proud of what you have achieved… You taught me to run. Which I haven’t done lately because we have been busy… But for someone who said you wouldn’t catch me running. The you came along. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT LOVE Pam

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