My trip down under….

I am back – back from representing Great Britain at the World Triathlon Championships. This is going to be a very frank and open blog about my race… so grab a cuppa and settle down. We landed in Brisbane after a long flight, there were other athletes on the flight, all wearing their kit –Continue reading “My trip down under….”

1 week to go – time to see what I can do!

Reading Triathlon – a triathlon run by triathletes – just the best! It’s my local triathlon run by my Triathlon Club – Tri20- it’s not my club, but I am a member 🙂 .  It’s such a friendly club and they really know how to put on a great Triathlon! Today was the 35th ReadingContinue reading “1 week to go – time to see what I can do!”

6 weeks and counting…

I still can’t believe it’s real!  I am going to Australia to represent Great Britain! 5,000 of the world’s best elite and age group triathletes from 46 nations will be heading to Queensland for the final race of the 2018 season and I am one of them! In just 6 weeks, I will be racingContinue reading “6 weeks and counting…”

Overwhelmed… and thank you!

It’s been an overwhelming week this week! I picked up my race kit on Friday – to say I was excited was an understatement.  I picked up my trisuit, a polo shirt and a swim cap – cannot wait to get to wear it! The kind donations for sponsorship has been so overwhelming – IContinue reading “Overwhelmed… and thank you!”

I haven’t always been sporty

I was never the sporty type. I was the chubby teenager who conveniently forgot her PE kit, especially for athletics and cross country. If I did have to wear my gym knickers, I would insist on wrapping my school cardigan around my waist to prevent my wobbly thighs being on show. And, the day, theyContinue reading “I haven’t always been sporty”