1 week to go – time to see what I can do!

Reading Triathlon – a triathlon run by triathletes – just the best!

It’s my local triathlon run by my Triathlon Club – Tri20- it’s not my club, but I am a member 🙂 .  It’s such a friendly club and they really know how to put on a great Triathlon!

Today was the 35th Reading Triathlon and I used this to practise my race strategy for Australia.   Thinking about swim placement at the start of the swim, nutrition on the bike and pacing and the run – we all know I don’t like that bit so much – so I just got myself around on that one.  More later on that!

It was a super early start and I cycled down.  Set up in transition and met a few fellow GB Triathletes heading out to Australia.  It was nice to put a face to the name – they were so friendly.  They have been part of the GB team for a while.  It was nice to see many of my club mates helping out with the event as well.

The swim – the swim can be quite terrifying but you need to position yourself well in the water.  I decided to start on the left, mid way in the pack.  Off I went… I could see some swimmers to my right and headed to the first buoy.  But there was no-one near me – where were they?  I could see 2 white caps further ahead but no more.  I carried on swimming.   And carried on swimming, still no-one around me.  I exited the water in 3rd place – I’ll take that one – thank you very much – 12mins 5 secs for 750mtrs.  That was a good swim and I didn’t even draft!  Happy with that!

Now to find my bike and get ready for the bike leg.  I was unsure whether I would have my bike shoes on my bike and took the decision today to not.  So I put them on and then ran to the mount line – it was a long run in bike shoes.  Lesson learned.  The bike was great fun – I felt strong and my time and speed reflects that.  I drank my drink – all of it!  I decided to do a flying dismount, where you take your feet out of your bike shoes whilst still moving and then you can run with your bike to transition ready for the run.  It was a good bike!  Average speed 30.5kph – 43 minutes, 43 secs for 21.8km.  Great speed for a non draft legal race for me!

Now the run – my least favourite of all 3 disciplines and I knew this would be hard.  It’s not a road run – it’s off road, flat but not that great underfoot.  I ticked along just nicely, talking to myself – you cannot walk V, you mustn’t walk V.. just keep moving.  And, so I did, I kept moving.  I finished.  28minutes, 18 secs for 5.3km.  It’s not fast, but it was consistent.

My transitions weren’t too bad – there is a room for improvement on T1 (the swim to bike bit) but overall happy with those.

I crossed that finish line – knowing that I had done it – I had executed my race to perfection.  I came 4th in my Age Group and 7th overall out of 63 females who took part in the Sprint – not a bad day in the office if I do say so myself.  I cycled back home, very very slowly!

I won’t lie, I feel absolutely shattered typing this and this week I will be keeping my training light but sharp and packing for Australia.

A big shout out to both Kate Hulcoop-Allen and Nicky Rogers, who I coached to their first triathlon – they were awesome – well done ladies!

Less than one week to go before I fly to Australia!

Miss V (GB Triathlete)



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