This marathon training lark…

So, on 14 April, I will be in Paris, running the Paris marathon! I hate Paris! So, why am I running a marathon and in Paris?

My friend, Lucy – it’s all her fault!

Lucy wanted to run a marathon – I started to run with her before her training plan started (coached by me of course!) and we had a few chats and all of sudden, I am running Paris Marathon!

We’ve completed the first 4 weeks of training and this week we have started week 5!

There have been giggles on the way, there have been a few swear words too, there have been some very sore legs and bodies, but we’ve stuck to the programme and this weekend we completed a comfortable 13 miles training (half marathon to some) in a respectable time whilst keeping our heart rate under 150bpm (our Zone 2) and enjoying the lovely gels and Blok shots to keep us fuelled on our journey.

Lucy and I have a special friendship – we get each other and we are able to run at the same pace – it helps. We are open and honest with each other on how we are feeling – some days are better than others. We are able to motivate each other on our runs and the absolute rubbish we can talk about sometimes is something else! We put the world to rights, encounter some miserable car drivers on the way, we smile at other runners and try to enjoy ourselves.

My job is rather physical being a Personal Trainer, I won’t lie, my body does feel very tired some days and I do need to look after myself just a little better (note to self to add some more Pasta on my food shop!)

The flights and accommodation are booked for Paris.. and just another 72 days until we stand at the start line – Me and Paris running buddy, Lucy – we’ve so got this!

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