I have fallen in love again…

I loved it.

I loved the swim.

I loved the bike.

I loved the run.

I loved it all.

I loved triathlon today.

So today, I raced with Britain’s finest triathletes – once again, they were fast.  The course was fast.  And, I was fast, for me!

Today was a totally different experience to last weekend.  The water was warmer, there was no wind, my fellow triathletes were so friendly and most of all I wasn’t intimidated by the speedy bikes – okay I lie, I was initially.

My club mates were also racing – it’s so nice having them there – so supportive.  Also, a friend, who moved to Australia and has come back was also there, so nice to see Lorna again, racing!

I said goodbye to my little support crew, Matt and his daughter Eloise (I cried.. wtf… I cried) and made my way to the swim start.

I enjoyed the swim – it was a good swim.

Next up the bike, but first to get through transition – not bad, could do a little better, but not bad.   No socks today – now that’s a first!

The bikes, whizzing around on closed roads – 4 loops – just loved it.  You could draft today which meant that there were no TT bikes.  I found myself alone for a while and then managed to attach myself to a group, especially for the last lap.  It was a large group.  A friendly bunch.  I even managed to throw in a flying dismount – just loved the bike today!

Transition no. 2… speedy .. kind of.  No socks again for the run – whoooah!

The run.  I can honestly say, I actually enjoyed the run.  Good pacing by Miss V, even if I do say so myself.

And then to the finish.  I could hear Lorna screaming out my name.  Matt and Eloise with the cowbell.  Over the finish line.  I worked hard.  Very hard.  I loved it all.  It was awesome.

We stayed on, with a picnic (which featured.. pork pies, cherry bakewells and cherry coke – those that know me will chuckle at that) and watched fellow club mates race.  The races were staggered all morning based on age groups.

Overall time 1hr 21minutes 57 seconds (750swim / 20km bike / 5km run) – I will take that – I am super happy with my time. Will I get a roll down place, possibly?  Who knows, who cares, I just loved it so much.

I think, after all my triathlons, sprint, Olympic, 70.3 and Ironman distance – I have found my favourite distance.

It has to be sprint.

I have fallen back in love again with Triathlon.

Miss V


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2 thoughts on “I have fallen in love again…

  1. Oh Vanessa, I am so pleased to read this happy and positive post from you. I was chuffed to bits when you recognised me as I was heading out on the run, and your cheers on the way back when I was falling apart were just what I needed. I don’t remember if I acknowledged you – a slight thumbs up is all I usually offer by way of thanks and I hope I didn’t interrupt your picnicing for too long!

    Sprinting is tough, very tough but it brings with it a unique kind of masochistic joy that is impossible to describe until you’ve been where you went today…welcome to the “sprinters” club!

    1. Thanks Sean. You looked so strong on the bike and the run – you made it look so easy. You did crack a little smile as you ran by on the home straight. I am so going to stick with Sprint distance, not as painful and it’s over rather quickly! 🙂

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