A day in the life of me…

Today has been a crazy busy day, but a great day.

Today was not your typical day, but in some ways it was, everyday is very different in my life.

It’s a Friday, which means morning swim at Bradfield College with my Triathlon Club, Tri20 at 5.55am – poolside.  I love my morning swims with the club.  Today’s session was all about speed.

Quick turnaround, and ready for my very first Personal Training client, that I signed up just under 2 years ago, at 7.15am.  She works so hard during our sessions, I love seeing her progress so much.  It’s a short and sharp workout today!

8.00am appointment with my Chiropractor Charley Henkey.  Charley’s a good egg.  I suffer with lower back / hip issues, and she pops me back in place so that I can carry on training.

Quick zoom home to walk the dog around the block and eat some breakfast before heading to Pangbourne for 10.00am to meet a photographer, freelancing for the Guardian.

They are doing an article on Wild Swimming and were looking for some swimming ‘models’ – I was successful in my application so spent 2-3 hrs swimming in the Thames, near Lower Basildon whilst the photographer took some action shots.    Admittedly, it’s the first time I have swum there, but it was truly beautiful.  A secret little hideaway and I will be returning.

Zoom home, grab a quick bite and then back out to train 2 clients with Kettlebells.  Both work so hard, a true inspiration!

And now to a very exciting bit of my day – this bit is about bikes.  I have a lovely red Boardman that I race on but it could do with some upgrading and today, the clever people of Pankhurst Cycles upgraded some parts without it costing me an arm and leg.  They switched over some major components from another bike (which were better) and put them on my red racing bike.  I picked it up this evening.  My little red racing bike is all sparkly with some super speedy bits and I can’t wait to cycle on it tomorrow

Second walk with Percy, water the plants… and now I am sat behind my laptop doing some admin, writing client programmes for next week and typing this.

Just a normal day in the life of me.

Miss V



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A personal training and ironman

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