My body is strong and it got me through my ironman training and Ironman Vichy.  It has also gotten me to the ripe old age of 43!  We’ve had a few injuries, well more than a few but it still keeps going.  It also has asthma and a heart condition but still keeps going.

It isn’t perfect but I appreciate what it is capable of.

I love my shoulders and upper back – they are so strong.  Although my arms are long.  Long levers make great swimmers apparently!  Matt might disagree.

I don’t like my legs – I always refer to having fat knee overhang – I think I just carry more bulk around that area.  I think my legs are big – but I don’t think I’ll ever have thin legs.  My legs are long too although they do not make me a fast runner!

I don’t like my chest – it’s too small but I am not having surgery!

I like my tummy although when I eat too much … it extends… like a little pot belly.

I don’t weight myself.  I am not a fan of scales.  I prefer to measure – or use my jeans as a good indicator.

My body shape hasn’t changed much in the last 10 years to be honest.  I am much stronger though by including kettlebells as well as teaching Kettlebells.

I eat a relatively good diet.  I won’t lie, I don’t eat clean.  I have a healthy balanced diet.  A little of what I fancy daily.

This isn’t a post looking for compliments or opinions – this is just how I feel today about me, my body and I!

Your sad Ironman, who cycled today (and didn’t enjoy it) x