It’s been a swinging kind of year…

Just over a year ago, I qualified as a Personal Trainer.

It was the best thing I ever did.

I followed my dream.

I get to share my passion for fitness and wellbeing daily.

My main area of expertise are Kettlebells – I have taken a masterclass in Kettlebells – I know my stuff!


I started teaching Kettlebell classes in January this year, I was taking classes on behalf of someone.   Numbers were slow to take off but I was determined to share my love of Kettlebells and get more women, in particular, doing weights.  It was a slow process and numbers plateaued around 8 – 10 people per class, sometimes less.

In July, I decided to go it alone and set up my own classes – starting with 2 a week. I was putting in so much effort to spread the word, I thought it only right that I should reap the rewards.

Last night, I had 23 people in my class – numbers are increasing weekly and I will now have to cap the class at 23 just for safety reasons and my poor car, that has to transport the kettlebells to the classes!

Did I ever think I would be stood in front of 23 people a year ago, encouraging, motivating and getting them to work hard in my class – never.  Some of you might find it hard to believe, I hate public speaking.  But when you are passionate about something, you can do it.

I have now added a third class starting a week Saturday.

I love it.

I love my classes.  I love the enthusiasm.  I love how everyone pushes themselves.  I love how they secretly enjoy the class – they don’t tell me this, but I can tell.  I love their support.

I love Kettlebells.

If you are interested in my classes or want to know more about Kettlebells ,      check out my website

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4 thoughts on “It’s been a swinging kind of year…

  1. Not just for women either! At 43 I’ve never been in better shape thanks to Vanessa’s enthusiasm, motivation and great classes. Everyone should do kettlebells!

  2. I absolutely love kettlebells with Vanessa. 6 months ago I was lacking motivation and energy. I’m now addicted to kettlebells and feel really sad when I miss a class. This is all down to how great a teacher Vanessa is. Love your classes. Can’t wait for Saturday classes!

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