Is there more to life than swim, bike & run….?

I have a very supportive partner in Matt.   Matt has a great family around him, many of whom I have met as they live locally.  I have been welcomed into his family with open arms.

I don’t have that family unit.  I don’t think I ever really did.  My dad lives in Malta and I haven’t spoken to my mum for many years.  I have my older sister Ursula – she lives in London – we are very close.

On Friday, Matt and I attended a wedding where I met Matt’s family again.  It was a beautiful day.  A day spent celebrating two people, Jenny and James, coming together.  We laughed, we danced, we sang, we were silly, we shared stories with others, we threw confetti and had a wonderful time.  I smiled, I was happy – Matt smiled, he was happy.

No swimming, biking or running.

Today, we had planned to go for a cycle – we didn’t.

It’s the first weekend in many months, that we haven’t gotten up early to get the long bike ride in, or head to the lake for the swim.  Did I miss it.  No.

Instead, we walked.  We walked Percy, our dog.  We walked for a long time.  Just talking.  Talking about anything.  I think I did most of the talking.

It was lovely.

We ate cake and had a cup of tea.

My lovely neighbours bought me a nice box of chocolates.

We have nothing planned for tomorrow.  Just taking each day as it comes.

I love Matt






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