A nice break but it’s now time to joosh things up…

A break is what we needed and we found a perfect little hideaway this weekend.

Four days away with Matt in a little wood cabin in woodland with a hot tub, some lovely food and champagne.

Percy came too and we just walked, chilled, talked, played Scrabble and Jenga.

We both needed some time out, away from the normal routine of life.  No swimming, no biking, no running.

We talked about ‘what next?’

Matt has enjoyed taking time out after his Cotswold Half and seems quite happy not to be swimming (his least favourite), biking and running.

I on the other hand, love to have structure and focus.  I am extremely driven,  Sometimes a bit too driven.  Matt apparently likes that in me (I laugh!)  So, we will start gentle training again.

We both love Kettlebells and as I run 3 classes, we’ve got that covered.  I will focus more on my swim and running and will help coach Matt further on his swim – he can’t wait!

Your still sad Ironman but with a little more focus x


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A personal training and ironman

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