Just swimming…

Swimming…. you either love or hate it… you either feel the water or you don’t….

I love swimming and would say that I am a good swimmer – not great, but good.

I took swimming up after a running injury.  I wasn’t good but I wasn’t that bad.

Like most things, you have to put the effort in to see the results.  I put the effort in and still do.

As a triathlete, you have to focus on swim, bike and run and we have a tendency to focus more on those things we are good at.

Over the winter months, I swim 2/3x a week.  One of these sessions is with my Tri20 Triathlon Club every Wednesday morning at 6.30am at Willink Pool which is a 2 minute walk from my house – so no excuses!  It’s a great session and ensures that I work hard.  The other session are self coached.

The summer months are spent swimming at my local lake – I love the lake in the summer months, especially as it warms up and you don’t need to wear a wetsuit.

I am a Level One triathlon coach and ASA Level 2 swim coach and really enjoy seeing the progress my swim clients make – from being unable to swim 1 length to taking on their first sprint / Olympic triathlon.

Your sad, smelling of chlorine Ironman xxx


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