4 weeks on…

It’s been 4 weeks since Ironman Vichy – the post Ironman blue are slowly subsiding.  Matt and my friends have been extremely supportive – thank you.

I look back at the day with great memories but I still don’t feel like a completed an Ironman.

I have been spending the last few weeks to really focus and think about my Personal Training business moving forward.  Where do I want to take it?  What do I really want to do with it?  What bits do I really enjoy?

What have I worked out so far?

I need a bigger car and need to expand my Kettlebell business!

I already have two kettlebell classes and launched my third class on Saturday.  I provide the Kettlebells for the classes.  My current car does the job, but a larger car would be better – more boot space is required.  Tonight I am off to see a potential new car for the business.  It’s grey to match with my brand.   I would love to target corporate companies and offer my classes as part of their wellbeing programmes for their colleagues.  This is on the list of things to do.  I really love Kettlebells and I see myself offering many more classes over time.

More triathlon coaching

I love coaching all aspects of triathlon.  At the weekend, I coached swimming for Reading Rascals – a brilliant triathlon club in Reading for children and teenagers run by Ellie Barnes of Barnes Fitness.   I will also be helping out at Ellie’s Half Term Triathlon Camp on 25 October.

I have a handful of triathlon clients, some more experienced than others.  This month I have helped clients purchase their first bikes and taught them everything I know about how to ride a road bike with confidence and general maintenance.  I love this part of my job – it’s so rewarding.

Matt eventually made it back in the water last night (Sunday) for some swim coaching with me.  He really doesn’t enjoy swimming, but he enjoys triathlon.  He works hard.  I made him do a few sprints – he didn’t like those.  Apparently, he was ‘swimming on the spot and swallowing water and allsorts’ – it did make me laugh!

I need to advertise and network more to gain some more triathlon clients.

Taking time out

My job is sport, I do a lot of it too.  So, I need to make sure I take time out and do something other than sport.  Bake cakes, catch up with my friends, wear normal clothes and not always wear lycra.

This weekend I caught up with Claire on Friday evening – we went to the new Greek place in Reading.  It wasn’t as good as we had hoped but it was nice to catch up with Claire.  I took Percy for a lovely long walk on Saturday morning and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the woodland around the area.  Sunday, Matt, Eloise and I walked Percy for a couple of hours along the canal, just enjoying the sunshine and the afternoon was spent eating cake and catching up with Simon and Lesley.  Simon and Lesley are so organised, they even gave me my Christmas and birthday presents… !!!  A little sport featured last night coaching Matt on his swimming!

So, if you’ve managed to get this far, thank you for reading.  If you can help with my areas of focus above, get in touch!

You sad Ironman, but trying to focus on other things!



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5 thoughts on “4 weeks on…

  1. I can imagine feeling these blues after such a journey. I think it is always key to have the next goals firmly lined up to avoid that emptiness….

  2. I am sad you have had the blues my friend, I think it comes after any big event that you have trained and or planned for. You suddenly stop. It reads like you are getting back on track and focus with the plans though.
    Be very proud of yourself and remember what you tell your clients .. how you motivate us and make us feel good! Tell yourself that you were amazing and have achieved an amazing feat that this mere mortal could never even contemplate!

  3. Vanessa, I am sat here watching Invictus Games and in awe of these Athletes and how they had to dig deep to overcome their life changing physical and mental injuries and here they are representing their country again. They are inspirational to so many, and that’s how I felt about you Vanessa competing in Ironman Vichy 2017. Your Honesty in Your 1st Blog describing your Physical and Mental issues up to and during the Triathlon and then the aftermath will be Inspirational to where ever life takes you. It will not be easy but make a List of All the Things you Want and Need to Achieve and You Will Do it ! You have A Great Head Start as Matt will be beside you with Encouragement and Enthusiasm. Matt Also Works for A Corporate Company that encourages Health & Sport In Body and Mind…….I am looking forward to following your progress, going from strength to strength and look forward to the time I will need to Buy A Hat 🙂
    Show Off All Those Photographs Of Your Ironman Triathlon, they are Amazing 🌟

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