Leading by example…

I am a Personal Trainer and a British Triathlon Coach.

I like to think that I don’t just ‘do’ my job, but that I lead by example.

In my Kettlebell classes, I like to think that I am not only a good instructor, but that I inspire others to push themselves.  Someone once said, how can you use a 12kg for all those moves during your class, yet you are not bulky.  There is still this perception, that if you use weights, you’ll ‘bulk’ out.  This is not the case.

My job requires me to be fit.   I have to lead by example.

Today, I had 2 cycle clients.

I did hill reps with Alison  Alison has come a long way since I first started coaching her early this year.  Alison is passionate, dedicated and determined.  This really showed today.  She owned those hills!  Good work Alison!

Lucy – Lucy is a committed, determined and focussed PT client of mine.  Lucy has come a long way in the year that I have been training her.  Lucy happily swings a 16kg Kettlebell during her workouts.

Lucy bought a new road bike.

Today, was day one on a road bike with clipped in feet.  Lucy took to it like a duck to water.  Taking corners, stopping at junctions without falling off, descending and ascending hills.  Lucy is going to be a great cyclist.  She loved it.

In order for me to do my job, I need to remain fit and one step ahead of my clients.

This keeps me focussed and driven.

Your sad Ironman, out there inspiring others!





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One thought on “Leading by example…

  1. You totally inspire and motivate me, and make my body ache in the process. That said I have dropped a dress size and am a much stronger runner since coming to your KB class. Your enthusiasm shines out and the size of your classes is a testament to that 😢

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