Road rage and pool rage…

Those that cycle and those that swim, will understand.

Cycling on the roads has its risks but I do not expect to have a full can of drink thrown at me by a passing van, or abuse hurled at me by passing drivers, or even those that deliberately pull in front of me, slow down, hurl abuse and then drive off shouting expletives?

I don’t understand why people would do such a thing.  I have a right to be on the road as much as any other car user.  I drive a car myself.

Some motorists think cyclists should hog the verge to allow them to squeeze by without crossing the centre line.  Or get extremely angry, if cyclists cycle 2 abreast.

The reality is that motorists must give cyclists as much room as you would when overtaking a car.

When overtaking cyclists, motorists should be on the other side of the road, just as if they were overtaking a car. It’s simple really but it doesn’t seem that some motorists know or understand this rule, if they did, there would be far less cars passing extremely close to cyclists and less road rage between the two groups. Below is my illustration of how not to and how to overtake a cyclist:

On Sunday, whilst cycling with Matt, an Audi over took us, with the passenger hurling abuse at us whilst passing – no idea why – it baffles me.

and now to my favourite subject… Swimming Pool Lane Rage….!

I swim – I like swimming – I swim at my local pool and with my Triathlon Club – no lane rage occurs at the club swim sessions only at my local pool.

I would class myself as a good swimmer within my local community and therefore, if appropriate, place myself in the fast lane, after assessing the other lanes.  Yes, I assess the lane situation before getting in.

Take last night…

General swim taking place in the first 2 lanes.  The 3rd lane had a few people doing breaststroke and the fast lane had a young lad swimming up and down, mixing his strokes (he is raising money for his granddad and swims most evenings to swim a certain distance).  I ask him politely if I can come in to the lane and we agree to swim side by side as it’s not busy.

We are happily swimming, when… yes… wait for it… a woman is coming directly towards me swimming breaststroke.  I narrowly avoid colliding her and think wtf and she continues unawares of  what could have happened.  She then commands the lane doing as she pleases.  All the while, the lifeguard watches and does nothing.   The young lad moves into general swim but I will not move.  I am a fast swimmer and I am in the fast lane.  I continue to swim around the breaststroker.  She leaves after 10 minutes after causing internal lane rage.

It gets worse…

Happily continuing with my swim and rudely stopped mid length ,whilst doing frontcrawl by a swim instructor, hitting me with a woggle advising me that a swimming lesson is going to take place and for me to move.

That was the final straw.  There were no scheduled private lessons on the timetable and anyone that teaches swim, should know that you place a float at the end of the lane under the water to attract the attention of swimmers, not hit them on the head with a woggle.

Meanwhile, the lifeguard just looks on.

Those that know me, will know, that I will take great satisfaction in now writing a formal complaint to the leisure centre.  Watch this space!

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