Can I do it….?

I am going to try and represent Great Britain and enjoy the experience of racing at an Internal Triathlon Union (ITU) World Championship!

Next year’s World Championship will be in Australia – Gold Coast.

thTo qualify I need to do extremely well at St Neots Standard Triathlon (1500m Swim / 40k bike / 10k run).Β  It will take place early May next year! Β  There will only be 20 places available in my age group (45 – 49) to represent Great Britain in Australia.

So, me being as organised as I am … I have entered my qualifying race, booked my accommodation and am starting to write my training programme to get me to the start line in May in the best condition I can be.

Looking at this year’s results, I will really need to work on my run speed – my least favourite of the 3 disciplines but at least it’s not too far too run and with a good structured programme, I can definitely improve.

So there you have it… the sad Ironman has now found her next focus – now bring it on!


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