Less than 4 weeks to go…

Just under 4 weeks to go before I race the World Triathlon Championships in Australia!

I still can’t believe that I am heading out there.  The suitcase has come out of the loft and a little pile of stuff is starting to accumulate in the corner!

Training has been going well, very well – I feel strong in all 3 disciplines.  My swim has improved both wetsuit and non-wetsuit which is good as it might be a non-wetsuit swim.  My biking is strong whilst keeping my heart rate nice and low which will leave me enough energy for the run.  The run has improved – I was never fast but I have been working on speed and I think I have cracked it.  Just a few more weeks to work on transition ad staying fit and healthy.  So exciting!

I am taking this thing seriously.  So seriously, I was crying on the phone to Garmin early last week as my Garmin watch failed on me, the battery wasn’t charging.  After a few phone calls and online chats, they were still unable to help me, despite the watch being in warranty, as they were unable to replace my watch with like for like as they are out of stock.  I was advised to contact them after Australia.  My watch is like someone’s phone – I can’t live without it.  I need it to understand my heart rate, my speed, distance, interval training, rest periods etc.  An extremely kind friend helped out – thank you – you know who you are 🙂 !  So I was back to my training in less than 48hrs with a watch!

As many of you know, I run my own Personal Training business so it was another exciting week last week, picking up my new business car.  It makes more financial sense for me to have a business vehicle – so I upgraded to a Honda.  It’s a sensible and practical car.  The best bits – it has heated seats and enough room in the boot for Percy (in a crate) as well as all my kettlebells!

So, that was last week… and if you know me well, I will already be thinking about what I will do after Australia!  Yes, roll your eyes – I know you are!

It’s  fitness focussed – it doesn’t include biking, running or even swimming.

I am going to qualify in Freestyle Fitness Yoga so that I can teach Stretch and Relax classes – there seems to be a big demand locally!


Don’t laugh, as I know some of you will, as you don’t think I can calm down enough to teach something like that let alone have flexibility to teach.  So, there’s my challenge – I will do this!

It’s Monday morning, a PT client has already been trained, just eating my breakfast, off to teach a Kettlebell class and go for my Monday run.

Have a good one all!

V (GB Athlete!!!!!)



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