Less than 3 weeks to go…

With less than 3 weeks before I race and exactly 2 weeks before I fly, I have found this week extremely hard, both mentally and physically.  I am getting a little nervous.

I have struggled, I won’t lie.  Early morning wake ups to get the training in before my day starts as well as losing my mojo just a little bit.

Training on the bike and run on my own has taken a lot of motivation this week – there have been some strong words said to my little self!  Swimming with Tri20 helps – my swim buddies!

Despite feeling a little flat this week, my training is still on track.  It seems to have all come together nicely.  Today, I ran an easy 5km – and it felt super comfortable.  It wasn’t fast, but previously, for me to maintain that pace, I would have had to work super hard.  The training works.  Put in the time, and the results will come.

I don’t have a coach – I am my own coach which is sometimes hard but I have stuck to my programme religiously.  I can do this!

I am writing this as the second coat of paint is drying in the hallway – using my time efficiently.

I wanted to thank my recent sponsors who have been extremely kind and generous – thank you!

Tonight I am off to the O2 to see Britney Spears – come on.. admit it…who is reading this, and remembers Britney… come on.. I know there’s plenty of you!

Enjoy your bank holiday!

Miss V – GB Athlete







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