It’s been a tough week…

I should be super excited…

I should be looking forward to my big adventure down under…

I have done all the training – it’s gone really well, I feel strong – much fitter than when I qualified which is a good thing.  I am not injured.

But this week, mentally, I have found it extremely hard.  Maybe not just this week but towards the back end of last week also.

I am feeling slightly intimidated – we have a closed Facebook Group for the GB Team – I have switched off the notifications as it’s not doing me any good seeing all the pictures and conversations.  I’ll switch them back on once I am over there as it’s the key communication stream with all GB Athletes from the organisers.

There seems to be so much that has to happen before I even race – does my helmet meet the safety standards, is my medication for my asthma allowed, the course recces, briefings, photos, registration, team parades, building my bike (that’s a first!), and team outings as well as getting myself ready for the race.  I should be so excited, but I am feeling a little inadequate and petrified – I will be honest.  What if I am sh*t?!   What if I am last?

I have a great friend, who has been through the same experience and she has shared her experience with me and it has helped.  You know who you are – so thank you.

I will write a race plan – and I will use that to focus my energy and stick to it.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen to Miss V – I was not sporty as a child and now I find myself with a GB Trisuit – I need to embrace this experience, smile and enjoy it!

So, this weekend I will put all my training into practise and take part in our local triathlon.  I will not worry about things I can’t control and I will smile.

By the way, you will be able to track me on race day by using the ITU Grand Final Gold Coast2018 app – I will be racing on Thursday 13th September at 11.30am (9hrs ahead of the UK)!

Thanks for listening 😉

Miss V (GB Triathlete)




Less than 3 weeks to go…

With less than 3 weeks before I race and exactly 2 weeks before I fly, I have found this week extremely hard, both mentally and physically.  I am getting a little nervous.

I have struggled, I won’t lie.  Early morning wake ups to get the training in before my day starts as well as losing my mojo just a little bit.

Training on the bike and run on my own has taken a lot of motivation this week – there have been some strong words said to my little self!  Swimming with Tri20 helps – my swim buddies!

Despite feeling a little flat this week, my training is still on track.  It seems to have all come together nicely.  Today, I ran an easy 5km – and it felt super comfortable.  It wasn’t fast, but previously, for me to maintain that pace, I would have had to work super hard.  The training works.  Put in the time, and the results will come.

I don’t have a coach – I am my own coach which is sometimes hard but I have stuck to my programme religiously.  I can do this!

I am writing this as the second coat of paint is drying in the hallway – using my time efficiently.

I wanted to thank my recent sponsors who have been extremely kind and generous – thank you!

Tonight I am off to the O2 to see Britney Spears – come on.. admit it…who is reading this, and remembers Britney… come on.. I know there’s plenty of you!

Enjoy your bank holiday!

Miss V – GB Athlete







Less than 4 weeks to go…

Just under 4 weeks to go before I race the World Triathlon Championships in Australia!

I still can’t believe that I am heading out there.  The suitcase has come out of the loft and a little pile of stuff is starting to accumulate in the corner!

Training has been going well, very well – I feel strong in all 3 disciplines.  My swim has improved both wetsuit and non-wetsuit which is good as it might be a non-wetsuit swim.  My biking is strong whilst keeping my heart rate nice and low which will leave me enough energy for the run.  The run has improved – I was never fast but I have been working on speed and I think I have cracked it.  Just a few more weeks to work on transition ad staying fit and healthy.  So exciting!

I am taking this thing seriously.  So seriously, I was crying on the phone to Garmin early last week as my Garmin watch failed on me, the battery wasn’t charging.  After a few phone calls and online chats, they were still unable to help me, despite the watch being in warranty, as they were unable to replace my watch with like for like as they are out of stock.  I was advised to contact them after Australia.  My watch is like someone’s phone – I can’t live without it.  I need it to understand my heart rate, my speed, distance, interval training, rest periods etc.  An extremely kind friend helped out – thank you – you know who you are 🙂 !  So I was back to my training in less than 48hrs with a watch!

As many of you know, I run my own Personal Training business so it was another exciting week last week, picking up my new business car.  It makes more financial sense for me to have a business vehicle – so I upgraded to a Honda.  It’s a sensible and practical car.  The best bits – it has heated seats and enough room in the boot for Percy (in a crate) as well as all my kettlebells!

So, that was last week… and if you know me well, I will already be thinking about what I will do after Australia!  Yes, roll your eyes – I know you are!

It’s  fitness focussed – it doesn’t include biking, running or even swimming.

I am going to qualify in Freestyle Fitness Yoga so that I can teach Stretch and Relax classes – there seems to be a big demand locally!


Don’t laugh, as I know some of you will, as you don’t think I can calm down enough to teach something like that let alone have flexibility to teach.  So, there’s my challenge – I will do this!

It’s Monday morning, a PT client has already been trained, just eating my breakfast, off to teach a Kettlebell class and go for my Monday run.

Have a good one all!

V (GB Athlete!!!!!)



6 weeks and counting…

I still can’t believe it’s real!  I am going to Australia to represent Great Britain!

5,000 of the world’s best elite and age group triathletes from 46 nations will be heading to Queensland for the final race of the 2018 season and I am one of them!

In just 6 weeks, I will be racing in Australia wearing my trisuit with pride – today it’s making its way to the local printers, Oliver Signs in Burghfield to have the logos printed on it.  Now that is exciting!  I will do my sponsors proud!

Training has been going well.  There have been some early morning starts to get the training in before my day gets going. I have been having a few doubts about my ability this week but those have now gone.  I can only do my best!

My swimming is good – but I need to practise a bit more in my wetsuit so I am grateful for the cooler weather.  There’s a 50/50 chance that the swim could be non-wetsuit.  As I am a strong swimmer, I don’t mind swimming without – let’s hope a shark doesn’t take a fancy to me!

The bike – that’s getting much better.  I am feeling very strong on the bike.  It’s probably a combination of the training and the excellent work that Pankhurst Cycles did on my bike – switching over my groupsets.

The run – I am working hard on my run.  I am doing more interval work to increase my speed.  My runs off my bike are feeling easier, stronger and faster.  In 6 weeks I should feel much more confident.

I haven’t forgotten about transition, flying mounts and dismounts – those are areas that will get focus in a couple of weeks.

6 weeks and counting – staying fit, healthy and injury free is my priority!

Flights and accommodation have been booked – flying out on 8th September and coming back on 22nd September – super excited.  I am going to Oz!

Thank you again for all the kind donations to get me out to Oz – this is real!

Miss V
GB Triathlete…. whoooah!!!




Overwhelmed… and thank you!

It’s been an overwhelming week this week!

I picked up my race kit on Friday – to say I was excited was an understatement.  I picked up my trisuit, a polo shirt and a swim cap – cannot wait to get to wear it!

The kind donations for sponsorship has been so overwhelming – I cannot believe the kindness that has been shown.

I want to thank everyone who has donated, every little bit helps and will help me fulfil my once in a lifetime trip.  Thank you to #itgames, Allen’s Dog Boarding, Simon Gerhardt, Lucy Burton, Teneo and Pankhurst cycles – you know why – so thank you!

Today, I popped down to a lovely little gathering at the Fox & Hounds to celebrate Allen’s Dog Boarding 10 Year Anniversary.  They’ve been looking after dogs for 10 years and they’ve been looking after Percy for the last 5 years.  He loves them.  They held a raffle and all the donations are being donated to help me get out to Australia – such a kind thing to do.

So, really, this blog is a massive thank you to all my supporters – I won’t let you down!

thank you

Miss V

My first medal…

Oh yes, I still have it and remember that day very well.

I had moved to London, I wasn’t particularly active – I had lost my ‘teenage’ weight and was trying to make it big in London.

I lived in Wimbledon.

I loved spinning.  The crazy music.  It was so much fun.

I got chatting to Gary – Gary was a runner, he was older.  He encouraged me to try running.  I hated it.

After a while, I realised how easy it was, not as in easy to run, but the fact that you didn’t need to drive somewhere to train, you could run from your front door.  I would run around Wimbledon and Wimbledon village – I wasn’t fast, but I was moving.

So, that was it… I built up my running distance.  Sometimes I would run with Gary on the treadmill at the gym but I didn’t like the fact that there were mirrors in front of you.  That was somewhat off putting!

Then … yes, Gary suggested I enter my first race – Claygate 5 mile – race being used in a very relaxed sense, as I could just about run.  It’s 2001.  Age 27.. almost 28!

I did it… I didn’t pace it well, completely inexperienced, but I finished it.

Gary was an amazing runner.  Even after moving to Reading, I would head back to Kingston to run the Kingston Breakfast run and see him there.  Still a great runner.

That was the start… my love of running!

Miss V



A day in the life of me…

Today has been a crazy busy day, but a great day.

Today was not your typical day, but in some ways it was, everyday is very different in my life.

It’s a Friday, which means morning swim at Bradfield College with my Triathlon Club, Tri20 at 5.55am – poolside.  I love my morning swims with the club.  Today’s session was all about speed.

Quick turnaround, and ready for my very first Personal Training client, that I signed up just under 2 years ago, at 7.15am.  She works so hard during our sessions, I love seeing her progress so much.  It’s a short and sharp workout today!

8.00am appointment with my Chiropractor Charley Henkey.  Charley’s a good egg.  I suffer with lower back / hip issues, and she pops me back in place so that I can carry on training.

Quick zoom home to walk the dog around the block and eat some breakfast before heading to Pangbourne for 10.00am to meet a photographer, freelancing for the Guardian.

They are doing an article on Wild Swimming and were looking for some swimming ‘models’ – I was successful in my application so spent 2-3 hrs swimming in the Thames, near Lower Basildon whilst the photographer took some action shots.    Admittedly, it’s the first time I have swum there, but it was truly beautiful.  A secret little hideaway and I will be returning.

Zoom home, grab a quick bite and then back out to train 2 clients with Kettlebells.  Both work so hard, a true inspiration!

And now to a very exciting bit of my day – this bit is about bikes.  I have a lovely red Boardman that I race on but it could do with some upgrading and today, the clever people of Pankhurst Cycles upgraded some parts without it costing me an arm and leg.  They switched over some major components from another bike (which were better) and put them on my red racing bike.  I picked it up this evening.  My little red racing bike is all sparkly with some super speedy bits and I can’t wait to cycle on it tomorrow

Second walk with Percy, water the plants… and now I am sat behind my laptop doing some admin, writing client programmes for next week and typing this.

Just a normal day in the life of me.

Miss V



I haven’t always been sporty

I was never the sporty type.

I was the chubby teenager who conveniently forgot her PE kit, especially for athletics and cross country.

If I did have to wear my gym knickers, I would insist on wrapping my school cardigan around my waist to prevent my wobbly thighs being on show.

And, the day, they got out the trampoline, I never went on it.  The fear that I would fall through.

As a child, I was fairly active, doing child stuff, such as skating, biking, hula hooping, elastics, marbles and a little bit of swimming.  My parents were not overly active, Dad was in the army and my mum was a stay at home mum.  We lived in Germany.  My mum liked to cycle and sometimes we would go for long rides – well, compared to today, they were not long, but then, they felt like forever.

I loved to eat and my mum was a bit of a feeder – so I ended up equally wide as I was tall.

I did like playing netball.  Or did I?  I was tall, conveniently tall to defend, so I would play Goal Keeper.  The only issue with playing netball, was, that I had to wear a short skirt.

When I was 17, I was off to play netball and my mum remarked on my fat thighs.

That was the turning point.



The wait is over…

As my fish fingers cook in the oven (fish finger sandwiches are my favourite if you didn’t know)… I am sat here contemplating if I should head out to Australia to represent Great Britain at the World Triathlon Championships in September.

OMG.. I am a GB Triathlete…

Yes, me….

I qualified…

To represent Great Britain in my Age Group (45 – 49)…

In September…

In Australia!

It was my goal and I am so glad I have achieved it.  I am so happy!

So, now to reality… (fish fingers are still cooking)… financially this is a massive commitment – I won’t beat around the bush here – I will need to fund my entire trip, kit and race entry.  Nothing is for free.

So, if you are reading this, and would like to sponsor / help a GB Triathlete to fulfil her dream – then please do get in contact.  If you are an organisation and would like your logo on my kit, get in contact…I am good at negotiating – butt cheeks are premium locations for logos!

Oh, there’s my timer.. time to rescue to the fish fingers…

Miss V… GB Triathlete 🙂