My body is strong and it got me through my ironman training and Ironman Vichy.  It has also gotten me to the ripe old age of 43!  We’ve had a few injuries, well more than a few but it still keeps going.  It also has asthma and a heart condition but still keeps going.

It isn’t perfect but I appreciate what it is capable of.

I love my shoulders and upper back – they are so strong.  Although my arms are long.  Long levers make great swimmers apparently!  Matt might disagree.

I don’t like my legs – I always refer to having fat knee overhang – I think I just carry more bulk around that area.  I think my legs are big – but I don’t think I’ll ever have thin legs.  My legs are long too although they do not make me a fast runner!

I don’t like my chest – it’s too small but I am not having surgery!

I like my tummy although when I eat too much … it extends… like a little pot belly.

I don’t weight myself.  I am not a fan of scales.  I prefer to measure – or use my jeans as a good indicator.

My body shape hasn’t changed much in the last 10 years to be honest.  I am much stronger though by including kettlebells as well as teaching Kettlebells.

I eat a relatively good diet.  I won’t lie, I don’t eat clean.  I have a healthy balanced diet.  A little of what I fancy daily.

This isn’t a post looking for compliments or opinions – this is just how I feel today about me, my body and I!

Your sad Ironman, who cycled today (and didn’t enjoy it) x




It’s been 4 weeks since Ironman Vichy – the post Ironman blue are slowly subsiding.  Matt and my friends have been extremely supportive – thank you.

I look back at the day with great memories but I still don’t feel like a completed an Ironman.

I have been spending the last few weeks to really focus and think about my Personal Training business moving forward.  Where do I want to take it?  What do I really want to do with it?  What bits do I really enjoy?

What have I worked out so far?

I need a bigger car and need to expand my Kettlebell business!

I already have two kettlebell classes and launched my third class on Saturday.  I provide the Kettlebells for the classes.  My current car does the job, but a larger car would be better – more boot space is required.  Tonight I am off to see a potential new car for the business.  It’s grey to match with my brand.   I would love to target corporate companies and offer my classes as part of their wellbeing programmes for their colleagues.  This is on the list of things to do.  I really love Kettlebells and I see myself offering many more classes over time.

More triathlon coaching

I love coaching all aspects of triathlon.  At the weekend, I coached swimming for Reading Rascals – a brilliant triathlon club in Reading for children and teenagers run by Ellie Barnes of Barnes Fitness.   I will also be helping out at Ellie’s Half Term Triathlon Camp on 25 October.

I have a handful of triathlon clients, some more experienced than others.  This month I have helped clients purchase their first bikes and taught them everything I know about how to ride a road bike with confidence and general maintenance.  I love this part of my job – it’s so rewarding.

Matt eventually made it back in the water last night (Sunday) for some swim coaching with me.  He really doesn’t enjoy swimming, but he enjoys triathlon.  He works hard.  I made him do a few sprints – he didn’t like those.  Apparently, he was ‘swimming on the spot and swallowing water and allsorts’ – it did make me laugh!

I need to advertise and network more to gain some more triathlon clients.

Taking time out

My job is sport, I do a lot of it too.  So, I need to make sure I take time out and do something other than sport.  Bake cakes, catch up with my friends, wear normal clothes and not always wear lycra.

This weekend I caught up with Claire on Friday evening – we went to the new Greek place in Reading.  It wasn’t as good as we had hoped but it was nice to catch up with Claire.  I took Percy for a lovely long walk on Saturday morning and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the woodland around the area.  Sunday, Matt, Eloise and I walked Percy for a couple of hours along the canal, just enjoying the sunshine and the afternoon was spent eating cake and catching up with Simon and Lesley.  Simon and Lesley are so organised, they even gave me my Christmas and birthday presents… !!!  A little sport featured last night coaching Matt on his swimming!

So, if you’ve managed to get this far, thank you for reading.  If you can help with my areas of focus above, get in touch!

You sad Ironman, but trying to focus on other things!



Swimming…. you either love or hate it… you either feel the water or you don’t….

I love swimming and would say that I am a good swimmer – not great, but good.

I took swimming up after a running injury.  I wasn’t good but I wasn’t that bad.

Like most things, you have to put the effort in to see the results.  I put the effort in and still do.

As a triathlete, you have to focus on swim, bike and run and we have a tendency to focus more on those things we are good at.

Over the winter months, I swim 2/3x a week.  One of these sessions is with my Tri20 Triathlon Club every Wednesday morning at 6.30am at Willink Pool which is a 2 minute walk from my house – so no excuses!  It’s a great session and ensures that I work hard.  The other session are self coached.

The summer months are spent swimming at my local lake – I love the lake in the summer months, especially as it warms up and you don’t need to wear a wetsuit.

I am a Level One triathlon coach and ASA Level 2 swim coach and really enjoy seeing the progress my swim clients make – from being unable to swim 1 length to taking on their first sprint / Olympic triathlon.

Your sad, smelling of chlorine Ironman xxx


A break is what we needed and we found a perfect little hideaway this weekend.

Four days away with Matt in a little wood cabin in woodland with a hot tub, some lovely food and champagne.

Percy came too and we just walked, chilled, talked, played Scrabble and Jenga.

We both needed some time out, away from the normal routine of life.  No swimming, no biking, no running.

We talked about ‘what next?’

Matt has enjoyed taking time out after his Cotswold Half and seems quite happy not to be swimming (his least favourite), biking and running.

I on the other hand, love to have structure and focus.  I am extremely driven,  Sometimes a bit too driven.  Matt apparently likes that in me (I laugh!)  So, we will start gentle training again.

We both love Kettlebells and as I run 3 classes, we’ve got that covered.  I will focus more on my swim and running and will help coach Matt further on his swim – he can’t wait!

Your still sad Ironman but with a little more focus x


This year has been a busy one, both physically and mentally.

So, we’re taking time out this weekend.

Percy has come along too.

Percy is my little buddy.  He’s a lovely little dog.  Meet Percy.

The weekend will be spent walking in woodland, drinking cups of tea, eating cake, relaxing and just having plenty of quiet time – no swimming, no biking, no running.

It’s important to take time out, reflect and enjoy the simple things in life.

Have a great weekend all.

Your sad, but feeling happier, Ironman x

Just over a year ago, I qualified as a Personal Trainer.

It was the best thing I ever did.

I followed my dream.

I get to share my passion for fitness and wellbeing daily.

My main area of expertise are Kettlebells – I have taken a masterclass in Kettlebells – I know my stuff!


I started teaching Kettlebell classes in January this year, I was taking classes on behalf of someone.   Numbers were slow to take off but I was determined to share my love of Kettlebells and get more women, in particular, doing weights.  It was a slow process and numbers plateaued around 8 – 10 people per class, sometimes less.

In July, I decided to go it alone and set up my own classes – starting with 2 a week. I was putting in so much effort to spread the word, I thought it only right that I should reap the rewards.

Last night, I had 23 people in my class – numbers are increasing weekly and I will now have to cap the class at 23 just for safety reasons and my poor car, that has to transport the kettlebells to the classes!

Did I ever think I would be stood in front of 23 people a year ago, encouraging, motivating and getting them to work hard in my class – never.  Some of you might find it hard to believe, I hate public speaking.  But when you are passionate about something, you can do it.

I have now added a third class starting a week Saturday.

I love it.

I love my classes.  I love the enthusiasm.  I love how everyone pushes themselves.  I love how they secretly enjoy the class – they don’t tell me this, but I can tell.  I love their support.

I love Kettlebells.

If you are interested in my classes or want to know more about Kettlebells ,      check out my website

I have a very supportive partner in Matt.   Matt has a great family around him, many of whom I have met as they live locally.  I have been welcomed into his family with open arms.

I don’t have that family unit.  I don’t think I ever really did.  My dad lives in Malta and I haven’t spoken to my mum for many years.  I have my older sister Ursula – she lives in London – we are very close.

On Friday, Matt and I attended a wedding where I met Matt’s family again.  It was a beautiful day.  A day spent celebrating two people, Jenny and James, coming together.  We laughed, we danced, we sang, we were silly, we shared stories with others, we threw confetti and had a wonderful time.  I smiled, I was happy – Matt smiled, he was happy.

No swimming, biking or running.

Today, we had planned to go for a cycle – we didn’t.

It’s the first weekend in many months, that we haven’t gotten up early to get the long bike ride in, or head to the lake for the swim.  Did I miss it.  No.

Instead, we walked.  We walked Percy, our dog.  We walked for a long time.  Just talking.  Talking about anything.  I think I did most of the talking.

It was lovely.

We ate cake and had a cup of tea.

My lovely neighbours bought me a nice box of chocolates.

We have nothing planned for tomorrow.  Just taking each day as it comes.

I love Matt






It might be that I have the Ironman blues but I really don’t like myself right now.

I hate the way I look.  I hate the person that I have become.  I want the old me back – the happy V.

I look at others and think how beautiful they are and how happy they are.

I don’t look good right now, I don’t feel great right now.   No matter what people say, I don’t believe them.

I feel for Matt – I don’t want him to come near me.  He understands.

Your sad Ironman x





It’s been 9 days since I completed Ironman Vichy and my body is craving goodness – something it really didn’t look for during training.  I would eat well and plentiful but wouldn’t say no to cake, pudding, biscuits with tea – I would say I was 80% good – 20% bad.

However, since completing the Ironman, and taking a few weeks rest, I don’t crave anything sweet right now.  Previously, we would eat some kind of pudding after dinner – this has now been replaced by yoghurt.  I would reach quite happily into the fridge and steal a piece of chocolate.

If anything, my appetite has reduced considerably.   This could also be due to my state of mind.

I am not a big fan of vegetables but absolutely love fruit and have a craving for apples, plums and satsumas right now 😊.   Maybe, as I am not exercising, I am thinking twice about what I am eating and am conscious that my body needs good stuff to help it heal.

I am not moving as much as I was, although I am walking my dog 2x a day and am heading back to the pool tomorrow and will be starting gentle exercise.  I am looking forward to swimming again.

I still feel sad and I have good days and bad days – I am not hiding my emotions, I cry when I have to and I take quiet time to just think.  I am trying to keep myself busy, meeting friends, de-junking the wardrobes and getting organised for my business.   I am not sleeping great but I am sure that will settle down soon.

I am starting to look back on the day – and parts of it make me smile although most of it is still a blur.

Your sad Ironman x